What to do within a few minutes walk from VILLA TERRA CRETA

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What to do within a few minutes walk from VILLA TERRA CRETA

Within a short walk in our neighborhood, you can enjoy multiple different activities, that vary from visits to historical landmarks to tips about cozy cafes where you can ship great coffee and get to feel like a local! Get in the mood and discover the true spirit of Chania, within a 10-20 minutes’ walk from your private Spa Retreat @Villa Terra Creta.


Prophet Elias

Visit Eleftherios Venizelos’ Graves & Historical Orthodox Parish Prophet Elias (10’ walk)

This is the “must-visit” of all visitors to Chania and lies within a few meters from the property, also enjoying the same unparallel birds-eye views to Venetian port and the town of Chania. Venizelos, a historical figure native to the area was a Greek statesman and a prominent leader of the Greek national liberation movement. He is noted for his contribution in the expansion of Greece and promotion of liberal-democratic policies. Venizelos had such profound influence on the internal and external affairs of Greece that he is credited with being “the maker of modern Greece”,] and is still widely known as the “Ethnarch“. associated with Greece’s Independence. His tombs is located in the most beautiful part of the town, right next to the historical church.

Walk around and finish your visit at legendary pastry shop “Koukouvagia” where you can taste the bespoke  home-made deserts.


Flora & Fauna Preservation Park

Visit the “Flora & Fauna Preservation Park” (20’ min walk)

The Park for the “Preservation of Flora and Fauna” run by the Technical University of Crete (TUC)  extends to 30 hectares and is an important area where native plants and co-existing animals are protected and can develop without human intervention. Enjoy a leisurely stroll in the historical gardens and discover many tips for our area and its subtropical climate




Visit historic “Halepa” area (20’ walk)

Halepa quarter is a historical neighbourhood of Chania city, with a rich history that left its mark in town.Take the time to walk around the picturesque buildings of Halepa, admire the excellent view, and feel the authentic atmosphere of past centuries.

You will find there the Residence of Eleftherios Venizelos, the Palace of Prince George. It is worth noting that in 1906, during the Therisso revolt, which was organized by Eleftherios Venizelos and other prominent politicians of Crete, Prince George, who at the time served as High Commissioner of Crete, due to his great unpopularity between the locals, fled the island in the night, by a boat at the coast at Tabakaria,  the coastal part of Halepa and one of the most charming spots of the town. Today, the Tabakaria neighbourhood is in the process of improvement. In Tabakaria you can find a couple of excellent fish taverns.

Other notable buildings of Halepa quarter are the old Greek Embassy, the old French Academy, now serving as the Cretan School of Architecture, and of course, the very picturesque, Russian-styled church of Agia Magdalini, which just cannot be unnoticed.