Why Crete is TOP choice for Families?

Why Crete is TOP choice for Families?

The Palm Beach of Vai

Crete is famous for its safety, hospitality, and cultural heritage. Being the largest island in Greece, it is known for combining delicious Mediterranean food, scenic landscapes and some of the best beaches in the world. But what is not widely known is that it is one of the top destinations in Mediterranean for children of all ages, making it ideal for really young kids as well as teenagers!

Scuba Diving in Crete

There is an endless amount of exploration on this island, so discover what suits YOUR family and make the most of your family holiday.

Fun in the Sea

Families with older children will be impressed by the numerous marine activities available on Crete! For underwater fans, scuba diving classes are offered in all parts of Crete, usually on the north region island.  Just a few miles away from Villa Terra Creta, you will find the the Bay of Afrata in Chania so you can combine your stay with sea fun.

You can also do Kite surfing, Wind surfing and Sea kayaking that will allow you all to see some of the most unique places Crete has to offer including Paleochora, Sougia, Agia Roumeli, Loutro, Vai, and Spinalonga Island.

Palace of Knossos

Cultural Discovery

Your family can explore together some of the cultural heritage of the Bronze Age on the island at the archaeological sites of Knossos and Phaistos. The ancient Minoan Palace in Knossos is near Heraklion and makes a rewarding day-trip from Chania since it hands down the most significant primordial finding on Crete. Knossos is linked to prodigious legends of the ominous Minotaur and the tale of Daedalus and Icarus. 

Eleutherna Archaeological Musem

The Eleutherna Archaeological Musem, opened just two years ago, boosts some awesome findings and is another must-see. It can be easily combined with a sight- seeing tour of Rethymnon town, where kids will enjoy shopping and delicious Italian ice –cream.

Aqua Creta Limnoupolis

Bike Tours

No matter the age of the kids, you can have a whole day’s worth of adventure just exploring and taking in the natural beauty found on the island! Everyone can grab some bikes and ride along the picturesque mountain roads through charming villages taking in the grandeur of the landscape.

Aqua Creta Limnoupolis (Chania)

Family fun in the water slides is always the best way to cheer up adults and children alike! You can choose to enjoy your drink by the pools or get active and go for the many slides of variable difficulty. Vety young children have their own protected pool side so everyone make the most of their visit!


Mega Drive Go Kart (Chania)

Only 2 kilometers outside Chania, this is one of the largest karts in Greece with some of the fastest cars. Better to visit in the evening, so you can have a very “cool” driving experience.

Cretaquarium (Herakleion)

Go and check out the exotic reptiles and local marine life at Aqua World, the first aquarium built on the island. Most of the animals on display were wounded or rescued, then given a warm home at the aquarium. The largest, most contemporary aquarium in Europe is the Cretaquarium with wonderful activities to educate children and adults alike about marine research in the Mediterranean. This is the perfect activity to capture some cute photos of the kids taking delight in some hands-on interactive learning. 

Dinosaurs Park (Herakleion)

Get your prehistoric family fix with the Dinosauria Park, where you will go on a one of a kind adventure the entire family will l never forget! Your mind will be blown by the enormous display of model dinosaurs that move and make noise, so be on the lookout! Your children will literally have the time of their lives with the interactive educational games and exhibitions that teach them more about dinosaurs. 

In addition to endless attractions, there are also some of the most pristine beaches and scenic landscapes in the world on Crete! The entire family will be so entranced by the abundance of magic and friendliness on this island, they will not want to leave your Holiday home on Crete!

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