Experience the true taste of «slow food» at our Traditional Wood Oven!

For centuries, the balanced «Mediterranean Diet» is synonymous to Cretan Diet famous for its fresh natural ingredients and the hefty quantities of Cretan olive oil.

At Villa Terra Creta we love exquisite food and suggest for your stay a blending of traditionally cooked dishes, BBQ and fresh salads in order to get the best!

Dining out, experimenting cooking with your friends, or hiring a Chef, all choices are yours!


– Slow cooked in our wood oven

Τhis specialty from Chania is to not to be missed! It’s a special zucchini-potato pie combined with delicious, local «myzíthra» cheese (a type of goat Cretan cheese), fresh spearmint and covered by a sheet of pastry. Every house cook in Chania has their own variation recipe, so ask our Cook to prepare ours!


Snails (Chochlioi) is a staple in Cretan diet! Snails, after dipped in flour, are fried in olive oil and accompanied by rosemary and vinegar. This traditional recipe is usually combined with «tsikoudia» (raki) the traditional local drink and good company. The word «boumpouristoí» comes from another Cretan word meaning «prone».


– Make it in our outdoor stove

This delicious dish is traditionally offered at weddings and is the delicious example of Cretan risotto. The rice, which is called “piláfi”, is cooked in boiled meat’s broth, usually lamb and chicken. The secret to perfection is the quality of the meat used for the broth. Ask our Concierge to order it in advance since it is never served as a menu standard!  Unforgettable!


– Slow cooked in our wood oven

In Crete, lamb is synonymous to meat and this is the most typical roast on the island.  Pieces of lamb or an entire leg, is usually cooked  for long time until totally softened along with coarse potatoes, dry oregano and extra virgin olive oil.


«Ntákos» otherwise known as“ Koukouvágia” (owl), is a traditional appetizer based on barley rusk,  graded fresh tomato and the Cretan cream cheese “myzíthra” complimented by olive oil, salt, oregano and local olives.  Get the right ingredients and  make a delicious and nutritious lunch without  having to cook!


Traditional Cretan home-made pies, found throughout the island, with many different fillings, usually Cheese, greens and herbs, onion or a combination. Cretan cuisine combines the unique Cretan cheeses with excellent thyme honey and cinnamon and turn «Kaltsoúnia» into a desert!


– Grilled in our gas BBQ

Seize the catch of the Day at our local fish shop and enjoy fresh grilled fish with olive oil and lemon juice along with freshly boiled greens, usually «stamnankathi», combined with Cretan white wine varieties. Eclectic yet simple pleasure!