Flexible Reservation & Cancellation Policy for 2020 bookings

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Flexible Reservation & Cancellation Policy for 2020 bookings

We wish to contribute as much as we can in instigating confidence to travelers and partners, therefore, we have amended our standard policy as related to reservation procedure. We truly hope that this policy will put uncertainty to rest so as Villa Terra Creta will continue to welcome guests, offering the same high hospitality standards. Please, note our amended policy is valid until further notice for bookings within 2020. For 2021 bookings, our standard policy applies, as per our previous communication. If you are unsure, please, drop us a note.


  • Villa Terra Creta is lowering the deposit amount for customers to10% on booking to encourage customers to book in these uncertain times.
  • On top of that we amend and relax the current cancellation penalties to 28 days before arrival for all future reservations. This relaxed cancellation penalty would allow for full refunds in the case of cancellation outside of 28 days.
  • As regards to the change in the cancellation policy that we are proposing, this would apply to all bookings, but full refunds would only be eligible if the cancellations are proved to be related to the Coronavirus, which means:
  • The country of domicile of our guests, has issued a level 3 or higher warning to Greece – which means «do not travel.»
  • Greece has been determined to be a Covid-19 (Coronavirus) risk, and as such, the destination will deny these guests entry.
  • The airlines have canceled flights from the guest’s home country to our destination.


In instances, where there is further concern, we could examine on a case per case basis the possibility to agree with our partners, a bilateral deal, where Clients or yourselves, could submit the deposit in a an escrow account and have it released to VTC in full, at 27 days before arrival, yet the villa is still being reserved for the guest as if deposit was received.

For any further inquiry, question or concern kindly drop us a mail on info@villaterracreta.com or a phone call at +306972888050

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